Golden Trout 2005

Another memorable trip that I highly recommend not just for the fish, but for the awesome beauty of the surroundings. 

 It is this beauty, along with the challenge of these hard to catch Golden trout, that will ensure my return to this unique place some day.

I had first heard of Golden trout after purchasing  a 1990 edition of an Alberta fishing Guide.  However, I had only been in Alberta on and off for about 2 years and was out of the province for good soon after. I  had never imagined getting the opportunity to actually fly fish for these rare trout. 

The year 2001, a little over 10 years later and I would have never thought I'd be moving over 5500 miles to Calgary, Alberta.  Yet, here I am ever since.

In early 2002  I read about Dave & Amelia Jensen's helicopter fly in Golden Trout trips at  Unfortunately, due to extenuating circumstances I was unable to book a trip at the time.  However, in the winter of 2003 things were looking up and I made the call to Dave and confirmed booking for an August 2004 trip.  It was not to be, a few days before departure I had to cancel the trip.  Words could not describe the disappointment of a last minute cancellation.



golden trout









2005 rolls around and after speaking with Dave Jensen at the Calgary Flyfishing Exposition, a fair deal is made out.  I am, again, confirmed for an August Golden Trout trip.

The ride through the Cline River Valley up to Michel Lake was spectacular and on the approach to our base camp we all knew we were in for a treat.  Much time was spent at taking in the beauty of our surroundings; there were towering peaks behind, in front, and to our left, a glacier peaked mountain to our right, and the emerald green lakes nestled in between.  Here are a few photos:





Due to lack of using my own camera, here is the only picture of a Golden Trout I caught.  Aren't they beautiful!


The helicopter base in Cline River.







We had some company:









Here are a few scenery shots: